Plastic pipe welding

Solution for piping systems made of PPH, PPR, PVDF, ECTFE, MFA, PFA

The solution we use to weld your plastic pipe:

SP 110-S

Unique infrared welding equipment for OD 20mm (1/2") up to OD 110mm (4")

SP 110-S315-S

For large diameter systems from OD 110mm (4") up to 315mm (12")


Leading innovation for high purity systems

The new SP series corresponds to future installation requirements of critical media systems, especially applicable to the semiconductor, photovoltaic, (bio) pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Unique automated welding technology

The SP series` fully automated welding process creates the smallest and highest quality welding beads on the market. The automation provides unmatched repeatability and reliability between welding operators.

The suspension grade PVDF material utilizied by AGRU`s Purad UHP piping system provides ten times higher internal creep behaviour than competitive emulsion grade PVDF-systems.

Easy and accurate operation

The fully automated welding process and accurate control of the process parameters guarantee short welding times and fast installation of piping systems.

The Solution we use: THE next generation of infrared welding machines by AGRU

Increased profitability

  • Cost reduction due to shortest welding times
  • Very small weld beads and highest repeatability of weld joint quality
  • Fully automated pressure controlled welding process acc. to DVS 2207-6
  • Electronic process control and data recording
  • Integrated program for heating up components with low melt flow index
  • Large touch panel with selectable languages:German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian
  • Adjustable planning depth feature
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment adjustment
  • For many applications (also for piping system components with short spigots)
  • Universal system capabilites to produce compact and dead-leg free pipe fabrications
  • Equipment corresponds to DVS 2207-6 requirements
  • Compact construction for the job site and workshop

Standard design

All SP Series infrared welding machines include:

  • Thermoprinter
  • Clamp inserts
  • DATAWORKS software for weld data management
  • Data transfer cable with USB interface and USB data stick


  • Nitrogen purge
  • Welding program for PFA/MFA
  • Special clamp inserts.

"Welding technology at the highest level"

We will tell you how we can solve your problem.

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