About Us

The history of the Company dates back to 1999, with the business idea of a simple, yet novel concept of substituting metal parts with non-metal parts in industrial engineering applications, for its corrosion resistant, light weight and easily installable advantages.

Precise Harvest Sdn Bhd has since grown into a multi-discipline engineering based group serving a broad range of markets and industries. Precise Harvest Sdn Bhd continues to offer premium engineering products and services through three core strategic focuses, namely engineering services, manufacturing and trading & services.

Our philosophy is “quality, on-time delivery and value”, we is committed to exceeding customer needs via product leadership and operational excellence. Today, the Company is not only synonymous with the industry’s best, but has also successfully been accepted as key partners to various global multi-national customers.

The Company aims to be the leading total solutions provider in shop-fitting products, and the niche segment manufacturer in lead-frame products. Today, the Company has successfully expanded its global and regional customer base from the waste water industry to those in other multiple sites retail industries such as communication, food & beverage, automobile, solar industry and wafer fab industry.

The Company has successfully established itself as one of the few organizations that offers a full range of plant and process engineering services to its customers, from design and consultancy services on process equipments to OEM and the installation and commissioning of all related engineering disciplines – a one-stop solution provider of engineering services.

The Company supplies flow control equipment to oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and semiconductor industries especially in the Malaysian market. Our objective is to turn it into a leading regional supplier of industrial products.

The Company’s core strategic business units front the various core focuses that it provides today.

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